For some perspective on Portland and the crazed attacks on journalist -- here's my full interview with political scientist (and sometime antifa supporter) about the psychology of antifa and the excesses of the Far Left protest subculture
Thank you for this important dive into the psychology of Antifa with an active member. Political ideologues or violent thugs? Both. Yes, if actual Fascists were marching down Main St. USA, then violence feels justified. But ?!
⁩ interviews a member of Antifa who used to be a professor of political science.
"The left & right are locked in a harmful positive feedback loop & the only option out is a post-political one built around telling the truth about your life, resisting the urge to take sides & build intellectual cultures." - Good conversation.
This is a surprisingly entertaining explanation of Antifa psychology, from an insider. Spoiler: They do it for fun.
Yes. 'They want to fight & enjoy it'. We analyze the psychology of antifa in more detail here
Agree. Politicians need to denounce antifa violence -- but also understand what drives it, to reduce it. Here's an interview I did today about the psychology of Far Left radical protesters
Our attempt to analyze and dissect the psychology of antifa and Far Left protesters
I'm going live with in ~15 minutes to talk about the psychology of Antifa and the affair. Watch/chat with us on Geoffrey's new channel here
Fascinating discussion “Psychology of Antifa” ⁦
We are now live, talking about the psychology of Antifa based on my several years of experience as a militant antifascist myself. Come hangout if you're not busy.
Confused about why the old antifa guy tried to firebomb the ICE facility in Tacoma? Here's our video from two weeks ago about the psychology of antifa. Still relevant...
Thes best thing I’ve seen so far on Antifa and the Ngo incident: and in conversation.