We are shutting down every entry point to the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that is responsible for this terror against the immigrant community. We are shutting down business as usual #ShutDownICE Watch live: Join us:
BREAKING: 36 #JewsAgainstICE & allies were just arrested blocking the 4th of July parade in Philadelphia. We are committed to putting ourselves and our bodies on the line, the way we wish European gentiles had done for us 70 years ago. #NeverAgainIsNow!
#JewsAgainstICE and allies are blocking every entrance to HQ in Washington DC right now; no ICE employees can get in or out of the building as activists block every entrance, the garage, and the street to say #NeverAgainIsNow Join us:
In Judaism, 18 is the number for the word ‘Chai’, which means life. There are 18 risking arrest right now blocking an ICE detention center in Boston, and 18 in Providence. #NeverAgainMeans we won't stop until we #CloseTheCamps & #AbolishICE! Your turn:
No somos uno. Ni somos cien. Somos millones. Join #JewsAgainstICE and as we #ShutDownICE Watch live: Join us:
Activists have been blocking this ICE HQ driveway for 1hr+, refusing to let conduct business as usual. We have not allowed this car to budge because #NeverAgainMeans #ShutDownICE Watch live: Join us:
#JewsAgainstICE are you ready to take action? Sign up for a campaign organizing call with TONIGHT! Get looped in! Get support! Because #NeverAgainMeans #NeverAgainParaNadie