Hey folks, I'm honored to present 's first long-form interview since he was brutalized by Antifa rioters in downtown Portland last Saturday. Andy was an excellent first guest on 'Bret Weinstein's DarkHorse Podcast'. I wish him a speedy recovery.
.’s Dark Horse Podcast, with inaugural guest . “I’ve failed to convince Antifa militants that I’m a decent human being.” – Andy “It is the *movement* that is vile. It is the de-individuated mob that is so dangerous.” – Bret
YouTube soft-demonetized this video right out of the gate. Something clearly reviewed it while it was uploading--presumably an algorithm. More troubling, four technical obstacles were placed in the path of viewers (e.g. background-play was disabled).
My first long-form interview after the antifa beating was with my friend, . I remember that many people online celebrated the attack & expressed disappointment I could still talk.
Great interview by with . Worth a listen, especially for those claiming Andy is a 'far-right provocateur.'
I really appreciated the insights brought up in this portion of the discussion between and on Bret's podcast (cc ) Source:
Andy Ngo discusses Antifa attacks with Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcas... via YouTube. [Illiberal authoritarian paramilitary leftists]
Here is Bret Weinstein's long form interview with Andy. Weinstein also issues an invitation to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to come on his podcast.
was interviewed by -- it's really excellent.
. interviews on Bret's first podcast...