Another reason to love and . Here HxA posts an article that is strongly critical of HxA's own recent conference. Only genuine truth-seekers do things like that. This is that rare thing today: practicing what one preaches. Bravo!
"I was surprised at how many times 'Donald Trump' and 'Milo Yiannopoulis' were pejoratively evoked... The mere mention of these individuals produced the expected liturgical response from the audience, with titters of laughter or knowing nods of approval."
I would have been one of the ones reflexively laughing if I'd been there, but the author has a fair point.
Interesting piece from a conservative prof who attended the latest conference. My 2 cents is that anything located in NYC is likely to buckle under NYC social pressures overtime. should try to have nodes in rural unis to offest this effect
I tried to verify Carol Jonas-Morrison's assertion here that Trump was mentioned numerous times at the 2019 conference. So I looked through 7.5 hours of conference video transcripts.
"Yet, I was surprised at how many times the names 'Donald Trump' and 'Milo Yiannopoulis' were evoked – always pejoratively... Maybe this is a way of saying “I am here advocating for heterodox thought, but I am still a righteous liberal person?'"
In which a conservative laments the alleged anti-conservative, pro-liberal orthodoxy of Heterodox Academy's conference. A similar article appeared after last year's conference as well. I can't say I'm very sympathetic.
What many non-prog faculty desire is the same sense of community and belonging enjoyed by the campus left. Read 👇to see why that’s so difficult.
This is a great article by Carol Jonas-Morrison about the liberal orthodoxy at the recent conference. “Heterodoxy is hard, even at Heterodox Academy.”
I published this piece () in part because I observed and was disturbed by this myself – despite being someone who helped organize the conference. But we do listen to and adjust to critique. For instance...