DOJ was so thrown off by Trump’s census tweet, and the need to scramble for a call at the district judge’s behest, that they didn’t have time to make sure their trial counsel (who called in from vacation) knew what the head of the Civil Division would say.
Transcript of judge's conference call in Census case following Trump tweets. Oy veh.
#BREAKING: In a complete reversal, the DOJ now says they have been “instructed” to try to add the citizenship question back onto the Census.
Justice Department lawyer: Trump's census tweet this morning "was the first I had heard of the President's position on this issue." h/t
The DOJ lawyer had to dial in from his vacation to explain the President’s bad tweet to the judge
Here is a transcript from today's census case hearing teleconference
New: In call with Maryland judge Department of Justice reversed position there will be no citizenship question on 2020 census and said “they have been instructed to see whether there is a path forward” to reviving question & will appeal to SCOTUS if so
What I mean by bananas - a federal district judge is asking whether he might need to order the Department of Commerce to counteract the President's nonsense tweets. I'm reading that right, yes?
this teleconference transcript is absolutely astonishing
From the transcript of bonkers call between federal judge and lawyers in census citizenship q case, after judge saw Trump tweet contradicting government attorney statement that Commerce was no longer pursuing addition of the question
I often wonder how many judges are on Twitter. Judge Hazel is. "I don't know how many federal judges have Twitter accounts, but I happen to be one of them, and I follow the President, and so I saw a tweet."
(Link to transcript
She hits the nail on the head here. Whether there’s a citizenship question or not, by the time the census rolls around there will be enough misinformation to scare undocumented people from completing the questionnaire at all
census hearing transcript 7/3