Questions about gender identity have huge social consequences: for law, policy, medicine, psychology, education & beyond. You think that normal academic freedom is operating in this area in UK Universities? Read these testimonies and think again
What happens to academics in the UK if they disagree with the idea that gender identity must replace sex in law and policy? These stories collected by are devastating.
If you want to know what exclusion and suppression of 'incorrect' viewpoints – of course all in the Orwellian name of 'inclusion' – look like in the 21st century, check out this documentation put together by
There is a witch hunt in British universities. Read these alarming, Orwellian accounts of (mostly) female academics persecuted for gender wrongthink.
I read this new piece put together by with considerable concern. ⚖️This is a thread about the legal aspects of freedom of speech and expression in Higher Education settings.⚖️
The suppression of ideas in UK Universities..... Are academics freely able to criticise the idea of ‘gender identity’ in UK Universities?
26 academics tell about the disciplinaries and the harassment they have faced for alleged "transphobia" (never defined). McCarthyism comes to mind. The chilling thing is how many of them say they won't speak out again.
This is Higher Ed: people cannot provide evidence (because it does not exist) that academics speaking up for women's sex-based rights are transphobic, so instead deploy tactics to ostracise & remove peers with whom they disagree. Thank you
Read every word - chilling. Thank you and contributors. 'if we aren’t able to talk openly about these issues then we will lose the basis of not just what a university is for and about, but how a free and open society can continue to exist'
By : "These questions are of immense social significance. They have consequences both for trans people and for natal women in particular. Universities are the places where particular answers to these questions first get conceptualised ..."
If anyone's in doubt about why this is needed, this selection of testimonies from UK academics gives a flavour of what we're up against. 2/
And also here, cos the link isn't that visible
Fascinating narratives of encounters with UK academic thought police.
Here's the original list of testimonies. Scary stuff.
Not sure yet. But if you/your followers want a sense of what it's currently like in UK Universities to be an academic critical of the idea of gender identity, or its political/ legal ramifications, you could take a look at this list of testimonies
11. I'm not surprised or shocked on behalf of freedom of academic expression either because I am pretty much inured to this stuff now. But it is undoubtedly suffering. (For more information on the UK situation for gender critical academics, see this