Specifically, I share a story in today's newsletter about my decision to unfriend someone I've known since high school over her decision to wear a MAGA hat. I gave her a choice, and she chose the hat over me.
I LOVE THIS NEWLETTER! On MAGA hats... #queer #LGBTQIA+ #progressive #smart
My final words to her were: “Every time you wear the hat, you remember you lost a friendship over it. Every time.” I know for sure I’ll now think of her every time I see a MAGA hat, and I’ll fear its corrupting power even more than I used to.
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ICYMI, I included in my newsletter yesterday a brief personal essay about how a high school's friends insistence on wearing a MAGA hat ended our friendship. I explain what the hat signifies to me and why it's a dealbreaker in any meaningful relationship.