goes into his life story, past scandal and religious beliefs, personal regrets, and the zig-zag path he took to success in latest talk w/ . A level of self-awareness and thoughtfulness about a complicated life that I aspire to.
Here is my latest Glenn Show podcast with John McWhorter. We discuss the books we're currently working on
Beginning at 18:45, Loury candidly describes his impostor syndrome as a young scholar and how it shaped his early career as a public intellectual. I was already expecting his memoir to be amazing, but I have further upgraded my expectations.
From there Loury goes on to describe his experience of addiction and recovery, religious conversion and lapsing again. A great scholar but at times not a great man, though thankfully now a decent one again.
. always surprises with his capacity for painful honesty. Here's Loury speaking about why he broke with conservatives - of which he was one - in the 90's. Fascinating. starts @ 41:05
Finally got to finish the latest Glenn Show and it's so so so so good