This move is truly devastating for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. UAF leads world-renowned Arctic research which simply must be sustained during such a critical time of environmental transition in the US Arctic region.
The is afraid of universities and university professors, because they know that knowledge and reasoning ability are good antidotes to their lies.
Alaska's "conservative" governor opts for oil-money handouts while wrecking higher education.
"Research has found that 68% of two-year graduates and 42% of four-year graduates remain in the state. How many young Alaskans, if forced to leave the state to find (better) higher #education elsewhere, will return to #Alaska after finishing their degree?"
Alaska’s governor is trying to destroy its universities. The state may never recover | Cas Mudde #education #socialjustice #climate
A university is under attack from a populist politician. Today it’s Alaska. Tomorrow it could be anywhere. But will we once again hold back lest we stray into “politics”? Sadly, I suspect we will - we’ve learnt nothing from history.