Over the weekend, my interview with was published. I wanted to hear from her, directly, how her first pregnancy has affected her strongly anti-abortion views. We talked about what it means to be a pregnant pro-life activist. Give it a read.
I don’t consider my pregnancy political. It’s sad that having a baby—one of the most natural things a woman can do—has somehow become a political statement. But it’s even more tragic we live at a time when our laws enable killing a child before birth.
, thanks for yr thoughtful interview with I've run into careful doublespeak about pregnancy when we lost children through miscarriage, & our doctors quickly switch from "baby" to "pregnancy" Despite the fact we were saying baby
It’s incredibly irresponsible of The Atlantic to run this soft-focus interview of Lila Rose and not ask her once about her opposition to contraception.
Looks like has noticed the conservative baby boom... cc and me!
Lots of thoughts on this interview with . I’ve been very much on the fence about talking about my own pregnancies in the context of my pro-life beliefs.
Very interesting conversation between and the anti-abortion activist Lila Rose