This is an A+ example of why America is in decline - the Republican Governor of Alaska is willing to destroy the state’s universities rather than raise taxes or cut the state’s oil dividend
University leaders in Alaska have just 5 days to persuade lawmakers to override the governor’s deep cuts to state funding. Gov. Mike Dunleavy shocked the state last month by using a veto to take away $130 million in funds.
"We’re down a handful of votes." Supporters of Alaska's university system have 5 days to convince lawmakers to override the governor's drastic budget cuts.
Devastate a public university system because people -- many of them Republicans against the "welfare state" -- want to get paid more than they already do simply to live in Alaska GOD I LOVE THIS COUNTRY
Blindsided by a ‘Devastating’ Veto, Alaska’s University System Pleads for a Lifeline - The New York Times #HistSAHE
For everyone that wants to hold up Alaska’s reserve fund as an example of universal basic income working in the wild: the new governor is using it as an excuse to cut support for the state university. This is bad.