Career lawyers refusing to defend cases—if that is what happened here—are canaries in the coal mine for what is happening inside this Administration. Fed Programs will go to the mat for POTUS. The whole office bowing out of a case is a very big deal.
DOJ lawyers may have quit Census case knowing there is no legal basis for citizenship question and deciding they could not defend the administration's position:
"And it strongly suggested that the department’s career lawyers had decided to quit a case that at the least seemed to lack a legal basis, and at most left them defending statements that could well turn out to be untrue."
Another career low point for William Barr: via
“Nearly a half-dozen current and former employees say morale has not risen considerably under Mr. Barr.”
Justice Dept. to Replace Lawyers in Census Citizenship Question Case via ⁦
Apparently DOJ lawyers take their professional responsibilities seriously enough to try to avoid lying or making specious arguments. Would that Republican members of Congress show similar concerns.