'Yet, despite their superficial diversity, those who staff the party HQs, ministerial offices, think tanks, public affairs companies and media operations of Westminster are remarkably alike.' The problem with political journalism
Very interesting piece on political journalism from - who is always worth reading. As a former newspaper lobby correspondent myself, Peter’s analysis rings true.
A genuine must-read written by for on the roots of flawed political journalism in the UK.
The problem with political journalism
Meet the new establishment, same as the old establishment...
The punditocracy is part of the new establishment |
"Only 7% of the population had a private education as opposed to 29% of MPs and 43% of the news media (and 44% of newspaper columnists" -
"A few hours of heat on social media and disappeared in a puff of woke. That’s what I call power." -
Why does political journalism keep getting things wrong? asks
As trend-setters, young metropolitan liberals gain the lion’s share of corporate and media attention, argues this piece:
Is political journalism broken?
. on the new establishment
Why did the punditocracy leave us so fundamentally unprepared for all this? asks
"Political journalism keeps getting things wrong. Big things." -