1. Alex Acosta broke the law to give a sweetheart deal to a serial pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Trump made Acosta Secretary of Labor, giving him oversight of the nation's human trafficking laws.
2. As Secretary of Labor, Acosta imposed a moratorium on processing visa applications for victims of human trafficking The so-called "T visas" provided critical protections for victims willing to cooperate with law enforcement
3. Trump himself has defended Acosta, saying the deal he cut with Epstein was "a long time ago." He said Acosta was doing a "great job." The deal Acosta struck with Epstein also provided immunity for unnamed co-conspirators
5. One thing that Trump and Epstein had in common was that they owned stakes in modeling agencies. According to , court records show Epstein said: "I want to set up my modeling agency the same way Trump set up his modeling agency."