Remember Snowball the dancing parrot? He's back, with more moves! And his antics could tell us something important about why humans dance, and why most other animals do not.
“To the extent that a parrot can, he vogues.” A delightful story by about a cockatoo called Snowball that gets at a big question I’d never really considered: why do humans dance?
“This is what we would genuinely refer to as dance both in the scientific community and in the dance profession. It’s amazing.” For this story about a dancing parrot, I spoke to 3 scientists who are also trained dancers themselves.
“Snowball’s style is like any human who would go out regularly to a nightclub." A famous parrot helps reveal what's so unique about dance, and why most animals don't do it, reports
"Are we human, or are we dancer?" puzzles over the evolution of groove, with the help of a parrot that can vogue
What can we learn from Snowball, the dancing cockatoo? Clare Fellow, Nicola Clayton, speaks to Ed Yong 🕺
“Irena keeps on telling people to be cautious about getting a parrot because they want to see if it dances... They have a personality of a 3-year-old but they live for 50 years."
Not a Human, but a Dancer
Snowball's got the moves.
Parrots, like crows and ravens -- we have dismissed them for too long. How can they do this with their tiny brains? WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING?
Made my day to read this! "Snowball strikes poses. He body rolls, and swings his head through half circles, and headbangs with a raised foot. To the extent that a parrot can, he vogues." reports