*Irony metre explodes* - He wants, wait for it, ASYLUM. He's an ASYLUM SEEKER? I mean, COME ON
The state of this. Claims the country has fallen. Ready to cut and run. All to avoid just over 18 months on the secure wing.
He's already had a go at being an illegal immigrant & now he wants to be an asylum seeker. Send money now.
Oh the immigrant hater wants to become an immigrant. .. oh the irony
Just have him report to the nearest concentration camp to be held while his application is processed.
Tommy Robinson: EDL founder begs Trump to grant him political asylum in US | The Independent
I can see tomorrow's the Sun style headline THREE TIME CONVICTED CRIMINAL SEEKS USA ASYLUM - WE SAY KEEP HIM OUT ...not Because these "news" organisations only get out of bed for BME asylum seekers. #TommyRobinson #AsylumForTommy #TommysTears
Ah! So *this* is what an asylum seeker looks like 💡
Tommy Robinson begs Donald Trump to grant him political asylum in US || It’d be interesting to see what happened if he agreed...