Leave it to Mary Gaitskill to write stingingly, perfectly about "weird lunches" and the kind of harassment that is most prevalent in certain industries.
The first thing I read this morning was this Mary Gaitskill novella that, I suspect, will be read fairly widely in book publishing land.
“The best story is one that reveals a truth, like something you see and understand in a dream but forget as soon as you wake up.” Good lord is she phenomenal 💥🔥💥🔥💥”This Is Pleasure,” by Mary Gaitskill | The New Yorker
Mary Gaitskill's account of the artworld's intersection with #metoo is so deeply accurate. If we need a contemporary case for the power of fiction to tell complex truths, this is it.
This is an excellent short story. Ppl in media/publishing will especially identify. “This Is Pleasure,” by Mary Gaitskill | The New Yorker
Sitting here in Rome reading Mary Gaitskill’s powerful new novella: “Now the truth is that I’m the man in the sexy artist’s video, kneeling and barking for a kiss. Really, I’ve always been him. “ One of her best...This Is Pleasure”
This may be the best thing Mary Gaitskill has ever
So so good, as always from Gaitskill. h/t