This revisionist history of the New Coke disaster is just incredible, one of those articles that will become instant canon
I feel like this paragraph from a Mother Jones story about the failure of "New Coke" () sums up so much that is wrong with American life in general:
Come for the inside story of a famous marketing controversy. Stay for the lessons about media dynamics and politics -- oh, and the D-Day analogies. Really, this is terrific piece of writing by
This piece on the New Coke backlash is a great and an instant classic of the Murphy genre
"They named their plan “Project Kansas” and drew inspiration from Eisenhower’s plans for the invasion of Normandy." No, not Normandy. Just re-branding. Don't miss 's #longread about what killed New Coke
about this i feel certain after reading on what really happened to New Coke: New Coke twitter would have been the worst twitter
This whole article is brilliant from start to finish
This is really enjoyable to read.
This is so good.
New Coke didn't fail because it tasted bad. It failed because it was new and its brand was nostalgic and the cranks took over. Great writing about the true story.
"Many people really do prefer Pepsi." Come on - be serious.
This is America -> New Coke didn't fail. It was murdered. via Mother Jones HT
"There’s some value in bringing a corporate giant to heel, just to know we still can...You can’t let the suits get too comfortable. Every now and then they have to see the flames in the whites of your eyes."