"The Hippocratic oath famously centers the injunction to do no harm. In our social climate, in which it is easier than ever to harm others all over the world, through misinformation and abuse, such an oath is vital" - &
The Hippocratic Oath for the Culture War. and I speculate on how to escape the outrage porno we find ourselves in. Slow down, take an oath, find your sovereignty, and become the live player that the noosphere needs.
Culture War: "It is too dangerous for us to indulge in outrage—and too easy. We take the easy way out when we let our tribal instincts control us. But we can use our tribalism against itself. By taking the oath, we step away from our memetic tribes ..."
Yes. That was the frame of CW2.0 but I also wrote about the "outrage porno" which is similar to Venkats: "You have now not only become a viewer of outrage porn, but have contributed to the production of the pervasive outrage porno which surrounds us."
Iona, I suggested we build upon this excellent article instead. I really like these fellows.
I think we should all read and share this article by and because perhaps the best way to proceed is to be constructive and positive rather than negative. Plus, some people want to move on from their mobbing.
Ok, let's try this. I'm signing on to the Hippocratic Oath for the Culture War.
How do we deeacalate culture war? Instances of it erupting into physical violence, like the assault of , show how urgent it is. Below is one proposal from me and .