Matt Labash is back, and if you get why this is newsworthy, you get it. If you don't, I feel bad for you. Read, and laugh
Matt Labash is always worth reading. Matt Labash on the end of the Weekly Standard—and on going fishing to cope with unemployment—is silly, sad, and sublime.
I think this is my former colleague Matt LaBash's first piece since the demise of The Weekly Standard. Predictably, it's about fishing, and even more predictably, it's great.
Some of my favorite words: new Labash
Part celebration of the mental benefits of fishing, part eulogy for journalism, and 100 percent Matt Labash.
Put everything else aside, and read this wonderful new piece by the great Matt Labash.
Of the great Weekly Standard triumvirate (Labash, Ferguson, Caldwell), only Labash seems not to have landed somewhere. I hope the subtext of this fantastic piece isn't that he's having trouble finding work.