"Unlike immigrants, natural-born citizens such as Carlson are neither screened nor forced to pass a citizenship test nor made to swear an oath. And when they stray from the American way, no one thinks to tell them that they’re failing to assimilate."
. says that doesn't have a right to criticize America because she emigrated here. argues persuasively that his argument is profoundly un-American cc
Tucker Carlson has failed to assimilate
"I think Carlson divides America. And I’d rather hear the views of the first 100 immigrants listed in the Boston phone book than those of Carlson and his Fox producers." -- Read on Tucker Carlson
"What’s a term to describe someone who insists that whole groups of people are bad in the same way, and ceases to treat members of that group as individuals? Tucker Carlson is that term."
"If [Tucker] Carlson wants to make the case that the immigration system is broken," argues , "he should find evidence, not an avatar to rile up his audience."
This is good but my take is that Carlson and his Fox cohorts have literally always used the “un-American” slur to silence critiques they don’t like, and applying it to an actual immigrant is only slightly more pernicious than using it at all.
"But isn’t 'failure to assimilate' an accurate way to characterize Carlson’s angry identitarianism?" --- on Tucker Carlson
> Tucker Carlson on Ilhan Omar: Why Can't He Assimilate? - The Atlantic
Yes to every sentence in this.