So here it is: Homo sapiens in Greece, 210,000 years ago. U-series dating of Apitima 1 puts it as the oldest Homo sapiens remains outside of Africa
210,000-year old modern human from the Apidima cave in the Peloponnese (Greece) "These results suggest that two late Middle Pleistocene human groups were present at this site—an early Homo sapiens population, followed by a Neanderthal population."
[THREAD] This re-analysis of two partial fossil skulls from Apidima Cave in Greece is super interesting! One looks to be a Neandertal from ~170,000 years ago [Image: Katerina Harvati, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen]
New paper in Nature suggests that "modern" H. sapiens was present in Eurasia (Greece) as long as 170,000 years ago, predating most estimates by at least 70,000 years. They seem to have been replaced by Neanderthals, though. Free with legal Unpaywall app
While exciting, in an era where paleoproteomics has already been employed on a Denisovan jawbone, papers should be required to present this sort of analysis along with morphometrics before making claims about the homonid lineage to which a sample belongs.
Today in : "Our findings support multiple dispersals of early modern humans out of Africa, and highlight the complex demographic processes that characterized Pleistocene human evolution and modern human presence in southeast Europe" 😱😱