Call me grammatically unwoke, but I still find the singular “they” hard to swallow. It grates on my ears and hurts my eyes. How do you like them apples?
Call Me ‘They.’ Here’s my call for everyone to use the singular they. It’s flexible, inclusive and everyone knows what it means. Also everyone already uses it.
In Opinion writes, "We should use 'they' more freely, because language should not default to the gender binary. One truth I’ve come to understand too late in life is how thoroughly and insidiously our lives are shaped by gender norms."
Call me they! I’m chatting about my column on the singular “they.” Join me!
Really interesting and elucidating read by - It’s Time for ‘They’ cc
In which gives us a lot to think about in his latest column: "Call Me ‘They’"
I would you like you to call me "they." The singular they is a perfect pronoun: inclusive, flexible, obviates inadvertent misgendering. It also breaks us out of the collective mind-prison of gender norms that stifles us all. My column: Call me They.
Call Me ‘They’ “Did you read Farhad’s latest column — they’ve really gone off the deep end this time!”
“He” is not what you should call me by
#News on #NYTimes "Call Me ‘They’" by FARHAD MANJOO
Gendered pronouns are a silly anachronism, life will be better when they’re gone.
For some strange reason chimp girls and chimp boys seem to do this too. And they have neither gendered marketing nor gendered pronouns.
Will we come to regard those who insist on gendered pronouns as pitiably backward and perhaps worth watching carefully? Very intrigued to see where this goes.
Use the singular ‘they’. Inclusive language. #LanguageMatters via
Good piece by Farhad Manjoo in support of the universal use of the gender-neutral "They". I did this in my classes last quarter but it's been difficult for me to develop the habit more broadly. I'm going to double down.
My column about singular they got a lot of responses, most telling me I'm an idiot. Come tell me live, here on Twitter, at 12 pm / 3 pm!
My experience is that British editors and publishers are much more accepting of singular "they" than US ones. Generally, US writing professionals are very hung up about prescriptive rules and parrot nonsense from Strunk and White when challenged.
Predictions on how many years until the norm in written work (eg, media, HS English classes) in the US is to use singular they /them pronouns?
They has written the dumbest op-ed in history
Specific singular 'they' is NYT mainstream.
I have no problem with this as long as 'they' also respects the choice of the vast majority of people who will keep on using 'he' and 'she' to refer to men and women.
I am convinced. Call me they!
Call Me ‘They.’ The singular “they” is inclusive and flexible, and it breaks the stifling prison of gender expectations. Let’s all use it, by via
#They make an interesting argument. “because the world will be slightly better off if we abandoned unnecessary gender signifiers as a matter of routine communication.”