Our new preregistered paper on trigger warnings in trauma survivors was just released as a preprint! We find that no matter how you slice it, trigger warnings just don't help. (1/8)
Trigger warnings are useless or harmful (with respect to anxiety) finds new study of 451 trauma survivors who were randomly assigned to either receive trigger warnings or not prior to reading potentially distressing literature. By et al
Trigger warnings didn't deliver the slightest emotional benefits to trauma survivors, but made them more likely to define themselves through trauma, which can ring in a self-fulfilling prophecy.
How helpful are trigger warnings for trauma survivors? Not at all, according to a new preprint by a lab.
More evidence that trigger warnings don't help trauma victims, and may even cause some harm (by reinforcing victims' belief that their trauma is central to their identity).
Ooh, that’s rather pleasing serendipity then! Thanks Derek Jones et al (2019) Helping or harming? The effect of trigger warnings on individuals with trauma histories. OSF Preprints 10 July 2019 Sarah - you’re clearly destined to write a blog on this 😘
Helping or Harming? The Effect of #TriggerWarnings on Individuals with #Trauma Histories [Pre-Registered Replication]
"...not helpful for trauma survivors... less clear whether trigger warnings [TWs] are explicitly harmful. However, such knowledge is unnecessary to adjudicate whether to use TWs... consistently unhelpful, there is no evidence-based reason to use them."