I recommend this from featuring and the husband of ... the excellent talking about #FreeSpeech
Ricky Gervais chats with Stephen Knight and Andrew Doyle. #DeadlySirius
Great episode of Deadly Sirius discussing free speech, free speech and more free speech. Because it’s really fucking important. Featuring & the man behind Titania McGrath,
Those in the UK can now listen to #DeadlySirius #55. I join & (aka ) Don't miss it! Watch "RICKY GERVAIS IS DEADLY SIRIUS #055" on YouTube
RICKY GERVAIS IS DEADLY SIRIUS: chats with Stephen Knight and Andrew Doyle by #FreeSpeech #TitaniaMcGrath #InternetCults #Censorship #ManufacturesOutrage #WokeOlympics
RICKY GERVAIS IS DEADLY SIRIUS #055 via great one ☝️. Was a long walk with my dog listening to . Love it!
This is a grotesque violation of my human rights. I just heard talking to , the white male who claims to have “invented” me. Where’s a milkshake when you need one?