Our patients affect us in ways we cannot imagine. Ian inspired me to travel to Cricket World Cup #CWC19 in England, and watch the #IndiaPakistan game. Worth every second, every penny. Here is our story: Not On My Watch,
My husband was a "numbers man." When he survived past the median survival for his diagnosis (only 1 year), he was triumphant. This touching #narrativemedicine piece by in hits home with me as both a caregiver and as an oncologist.
Medical oncology fellow reflects w humility on strength of relationship between oncologist & cancer patients, along with frustrating limitations of oncologists to deliver best outcomes for pts w #cancer, even amidst progress & many successes
"He was never under my watch, I was under his." -Dr pays tribute to a patient in : #coloncancer #crcsm
Doctors are not supposed to sob with their patients. But this one did. by a story of deep empathy #DeepMedicine that'll likely make you sob
This one hits deep. #radonc #oncology
Another beautiful, emotional and deeply insightful paper by one of my mentees, oncology fellow . So wise beyond his years. I'm the lucky one.
A very touching and sincere article by ⁦⁩ worth reading ⁦⁩ Not on My Watch | Humanities | JAMA Oncology | JAMA Network
Beautiful piece by > A reminder of all that my patients give me. | Not on My Watch | #medhumchat
Congrats : your heartfelt piece "Not On My Watch" is top trending piece at It deserves the attention it's getting. If you haven't read it, follow the link.
"He was never under my watch. I was under his" beautiful writing by in
Not on My Watch. Beautiful piece by ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ Taking care of patients is a privilege. ⁦⁩ #bcsm ⁦⁩ ⁦
Beautifully written essay by . A must read for anyone in oncology or interested in an oncology career.
A moving piece from in , unfortunately gated, on the experience of taking care of patients with advanced cancer as an oncology trainee.
I realize how foolish it is to ascribe the success (or failure) of a particular chemotherapy to an oncologist’s prowess, how clinicians sometimes overreckon our contribution to an outcome ... via
Truly wonderful piece by . Not to be missed. Not on My Watch