and I examine whether elected officials are interested in and responsive to learning their constituents' policy preferences. Short answer: no.
What this study shows is simply that representative democracy doesn't represent or frankly care for our interests. This is why we advocate for radical, direct democracy in which we all have a say in our lives. Such systems HAVE been tried and scaled.
Politicians Don’t Actually Care What Voters Want
Legislators don’t respond to polling information on public policy opinion in their districts: But policy nonetheless corresponds to the relative liberalism of public opinion in states & localities:
Great op-ed by and : Unfortunately, the evidence shows that politicians don't actually care about what voters want.
Politicians don't know (nor care) what we think: Chapter 33b.
Studies found that (1) US legislators paid little attention to their constituents wants and (2) the few US legislators that did attend to constituents’ wants did not understand their constituents better than legislators who ignored their constituents.
Politicians Don’t Actually Care What Voters Want
No surprise. Politicians do not represent median voters but chase swing voters and try to mobilize bases. With increasingly polarization this means, ironically, that what most or even all citizens want gets ignored. via