Wouldn't it be great if PROOF OF CONSPIRACY—which lays out Donald Trump Jr.'s crimes—re-entered the New York Times bestseller list ahead of Trump Jr.'s TRIGGERED? I'm just saying that if this tweet got enough retweets, we could probably make that happen.
(THREAD) Now that Amazon lets readers preview the first 56 pages of the 600-page book PROOF OF CONSPIRACY—which officially launches in under 3 hours—I thought I'd post some key early excerpts. I hope you'll read on and retweet. The purchase link is below
What's next after Mueller testifies? Here's the final hard data for PROOF OF CONSPIRACY—the Mueller Report's counterintelligence sequel. 975 pp. (total) 592 pp. (print) 383 pp. (online endnotes) 3,360 endnotes 4,262 citations Hope you'll spread the word.
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(THREAD) If you've ever been a fan of this feed, I want you to know this tweet—more than any other—is the one I'd ask you to RETWEET. Proof of Conspiracy is the most chilling indictment of Trump we have; I'm trying to get it in the hands of every American.
Trump's compromised. I wrote a book on it; it arrives next week. The book has thousands of sources from around the world. Not sure what else to say except America needs to hear the truth about Trump and I hope you'll RT this tweet to help make that happen.
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An FBI data-dump just confirmed everything in PROOF OF CONSPIRACY about Prince's secret involvement in Trump's campaign and Flynn's efforts to collude with Russia. The rest of the book is just as sourced and accurate. I hope you'll take a look and RETWEET.
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(THREAD) In light of tonight's breaking news on Trump's golf courses, I'm posting a few relevant excerpts on this topic from PROOF OF CONSPIRACY. Hope you'll read on and share this with others who may be interested. Purchase PROOF OF CONSPIRACY ($17.99):
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I just got amazing news—the preorder demand for PROOF OF CONSPIRACY is so high that Macmillan is already having to print thousands of additional copies. I can't thank everyone enough for your support. If you haven't preordered, this thread has some links
The next few days will feature 1,000 journalists trying to answer the "how did we get here?" question on Iran. And virtually none will cite the recent NYT bestseller that answered that question via 600 pages and 4,000+ major-media citations. It's madness.
I've previously said—and maintain—that PROOF OF CONSPIRACY may be far too much for many folks right now. Dozens of readers have said it gave them nightmares. But if you're up for an accounting of Flynn's evil acts with 4,330+ sources, the book below is it.
153/ NOTE: Harrowing pre-election events involving the Trump campaign and Israel—as well as Saudi Arabia and the UAE—*far more explosive* than most of what we've heard today will receive a 600-page airing in a forthcoming book now just weeks from release
(HEADS UP) There's just been a $6+ price drop—a very good thing, and a sign of interest in the book—for Proof of Conspiracy, so now is a great time to pick it up if you were considering it. It was $25.99, and it's now—in a bizarre [Orwellian] turn—$19.84.
20/ In the meantime, you can read the *mountain* of evidence that what Frankel said is true in PROOF OF COLLUSION and PROOF OF CONSPIRACY. No one who has read these books has any doubt Frankel spoke clearly and accurately. A link to the latter book below