“Young people, bless them, have a way of circumventing even the best of times and, like the milk from the goat they kept in their front yard, things turned pretty sour pretty quick.” New from me in ⁦
I love this piece by . I lived in Portland from 2005-2007 and she captures that time beautifully. And reminds me why I would never live there now.
What a tour de force from in . This is Portland -- and so many other things -- like you've never seen or thought about them before.
Since I'm leaving tomorrow at dawn, re-upping this. … via
“It’s still beautiful here,” my husband said last night, as we sat on the porch, looking at a July moon. “It’s the people.”—a nice piece on some of the more insipid political dangers facing America by ⁦
great piece in . we've all seen the scenes of Portland's antifa thugs, & read the insane stories of portland baristas going into crisis at the sight of a MAGA hat. but this piece puts it into context & explains how the city fall apart
Somehow this essay, by , manages to be both scathing and big hearted
Beautiful, heartbreaking piece from . I love Portland, but some here do suffer from confusions & delusions, spreading throughout the land, that every “other” is an enemy, and that outrage and violence are a legitimate response to uncertainty.
“Anyone who tells you to hate swaths of people has their own agenda. Find out for yourself. Make your own courage.” Wise words from
This same wonderful eulogy-of-sorts by , on Portland, could be written for Austin in a few years. Lucky that our know-nothing East side Antifa duplicate hasn't gotten too violent, all things considered...but probably only a matter of time.
wondering how many vancouverites will recognize the same trends described in this article about Portland...A fun city with an oddball subculture suddenly deluged by money. Prices climb, politics polarizes, the local left grows cultish & paranoid
More proof of what happens when you let the Red Guards and the Stupid Hippies take over