I turned my frustration about coverage of "busing" when we really mean desegregation into a history. Some truths: Busing was wildly successful in the South. The myths you've heard aren't true. Northern racism = to Southern. It wasn't the bus, it was us.
"It Was Never About Busing" - gets to the heart of what court-ordered desegregation was about. Smart, incisive, deeply researched/reported, and graphically/visually rich. READ THIS!
“No, black kids should not have to leave their neighborhoods to attend a quality school, or sit next to white students to get a quality education. But we cannot be naïve about how this country works.” , on the history of forced desegregation.
Chatting about my article for on how busing as as a tool for segregation did not fail! Let’s discuss!
The question remains will ANY of the Democratic presidential candidates talk about their plans to address the fact that black children are as segregated as they were in the 1970s when Biden was opposing busing for desegregation?
A master class by in how understanding history is fundamental to great journalism.
“That Americans of all stripes believe that the brief period in which we actually tried to desegregate our schools was a failure speaks to one of the most successful propaganda campaigns of the last half century.”
This piece should be required reading for everyone living in the United States. It is so powerful, so rigorous, and so clear-eyed. always delivers astounding journalism; this one absolutely took my breath away.
“No other reform has reduced the gap on this scale...The test-score gap between black & white students reached its narrowest point ever at the peak of desegregation & has widened as schools have resegregated.” Desegregation didn’t fail students. We did.
A superb summary of the history of efforts to integrate public schools. School segregation remains most deeply entrenched in the North. Thanks to (and , whose work she cites prominently) for getting the story right.
American schools were at their most integrated in the late 1980s — except in the Northeast, where they have steadily become more segregated since at least 1968. % of black students in schools with a student body that is more than 90% minority, 1968-2011
Still thinking about this: "The black students I talk to in schools that are as segregated as the ones their grandparents attended know it is like this because we do not think they deserve the same education as white children."
the big piece on busing and our historical memory of it is a very good read
Bockbuster piece from . "And despite the constant assertion that “busing” failed, busing as a tool of desegregation, and court-ordered desegregation in general, was extraordinarily successful in the South."
From the award-winning investigative journalist "Like Kamala Harris, I was one of those kids bused to white schools. ... I have spent most of my career chronicling the devastating effects of school segregation on black children."
"Busing did not fail. We did."
This piece setting the record straight on busing is a tour de force.
This is a must read for those wanting to learn more about root causes of racial disparities in the US education system
Do not miss 's piece on segregated schooling in US. Key point: "busing" and "local schooling" is a redirection, a dodge. This is and has been about race.
"Busing isn’t the question, whatever folks say. It’s desegregation” – an issue as urgent now as 50 yrs ago; lays out misconceptions
If you have discussed busing over the last few weeks and haven’t read , take the time.
It Was Never About Busing
The Establishment really, really wants to do forced school busing all over again. But, America is running out of white children to use to deal with other people's problems. US public schools in 1970 were 85% white, now 46%.
"The school bus, treasured when it was serving as a tool of segregation, became reviled only when it transformed into a tool of integration." Wow this definitive piece on busing
"Busing did not fail. We did." This is the real story of busing, from
“that Americans of all stripes believe that the brief period in which we actually tried to desegregate our schools was a failure, speaks to one of the most successful propaganda campaigns of the last half century
This is an amazingly informative essay. Also infuriating and terribly sad. It Was Never About Busing
It Was Never About Busing
Busing worked! So why do so many Americans think it was a failure?
It Was Never About Busing
’ history of school desegregation is an essential, illuminating read.
Important, informed article on the still sad history of racism (and letting it trump education and a stronger country) in America. It Was Never About Busing
This is both a useful/interesting history of post-Brown school integration & busing politics, and a heavy implication that any opposition to a proposed desegregation remedy is rooted in racism.
"Busing did not fail, we failed. Because it was so effective, we thought against it so hard. .... We have never disentangled race from resources." Great discussion of busing by Nikole Hannah-Jones in #thedaily & see:
Must read by "It is unlikely that we will ever again see an effort to deconstruct our system of caste schools like what we saw between 1968 and 1988..at the very least, we should tell the truth about what happened. Busing did not fail.We did"
“The truth about busing: It works”
Brilliant piece on the real history and effects of busing. It worked.
A great long read about the history of racist objections to busing & racial integration in schools
2/ ability of federal courts to order busing & even to limit busing in places where courts had already ordered it...busing was almost always...mandated by courts only after lengthy battles...failed to produce even modest integration."
This was informative for me. Issues affecting kids in the US are a systematic blindspot for me since I was 22 when I got here and don’t have kids. Didn’t realize there were all these subtleties around busing, since it’s not a systematic thing in India.
It Was Never About Busing #sociology
It Was Never About Busing