Frustrated by the lack of representation of disability and difference in the toy market, Rebecca Atkinson founded #ToyLikeMe. Here, the Hulk has a diabetic line, and Barbie is shown with the skin condition vitiligo. See them in our Play Well exhibition
Play Well, our new exhibition exploring how play transforms both childhood and society. Opening October 2019.
These Barbie and GI Joe figures have had their voice boxes swapped by the Barbie Liberation Organisation, who sought to challenge gender assumptions. See them at our Play Well exhibition
Game designer Adam Dixon worked with a group of young people who created games based on their experiences as ‘digital natives’, reflecting their views on gaming as a way to forge friendships, as well as concerns about anxiety and addiction. #PlayWellcome
Looking for a playful weekend activity? There's still time to see the #PlayWell exhibition , featuring work by our own . The team are looking forward to visiting later this month.
Play Well exhibition from Oct 24th explores the impact of play in our lives.
Play impacts our social bonds, emotional resilience and physical well-being, but how well do we play? Exploring how play transforms both childhood and society, the 'Play Well' exhibition provides insight into the importance of play.