"A society devoted at the level of principle to the liberation of the individual from constraints can easily produce citizens who continually feel themselves to be newly enslaved and in need of ever new and more radical forms of liberation"
1/ I don't agree with every word, but an interesting response to Farhad Manjoo's 'they' column My general take is that many of my fellow progressives overstate the causal effect of subtle linguistic quirks, and place too much weight on them. Writing from
. examines how progressives went from crusading for same-sex marriage to crusading against the sexes in four short years:
If you look at the great awokening in this light (in the light of reading Pat Deneen) we can see that the trans-gender movement is not a rejection of liberalism so much as the ultimate expression of it, as the quotes from DLinker’s latest piece emphasises
This is really good —>Liberals' astonishingly radical shift on gender by ⁦
“For perhaps the first time in American history, it is a nominally secular, progressive elite that finds itself swept up into a moral fervor and eager to overturn (linguistic and other) conventions in a surge of self-certainty and self-righteousness.”
“Liberals' astonishingly radical shift on gender”
Good article by , in answer to that piece by Farhad Manjoo. Via
This is a pretty good response to that insane piece
"Instead..view them as expressions of what it can feel like at two different moments in a society devoted to the principle of individualism..Each is simply an expression of rebellion against a different but equally intolerable constraint on the individual"
We Americans are more free than most humans ever in human history - via both Constitution & technology - so the "woke" left, injustice hungry, claims "it is an unacceptable limitation on individual freedom for anyone to be presumed a man or a woman at all"