"Do you know what's in paragraph 5c?" "No" challenges Boris Johnson on the detail of how the UK would trade with the EU after #Brexit The Andrew Neil Interviews: Watch in full at 7pm on #BBCOurNextPM [tap to expand]
"Why didn't you stand up for our man in Washington?" pushes Boris Johnson on whether his response to the Trump email row was a factor in Sir Kim Darroch's resignation Watch in full at 7pm on #BBCOurNextPM [tap to expand]
The two men competing to be the UK's next PM sat down for an interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson were quizzed on their past record, #Brexit and the row over the UK's ambassador to the US [Tap to expand]
Andrew Neil: "(President Trump) called him 'wacky', 'pompous', a 'fool'. You didn't have a word of criticism" Boris Johnson: "Don't be ridiculous" Tory leadership candidate is challenged on his response to row over leaked diplomatic emails #BBCOurNextPM
"You go on about being an entrepreneur, you weren't exactly Steve Jobs or Bill Gates" challenges Jeremy Hunt on how his business experience would help him negotiate a #Brexit deal Watch in full at 7pm on #BBCOurNextPM [tap to expand]
Boris Johnson says Irish backstop should be 'removed', and related issues resolved later Andrew Neil says there's a problem with that, as EU sees #Brexit backstop as "precondition" for future talks #BBCOurNextPM
Thank goodness for , striking at the heart of Boris Johnson’s bluster and lack of detail. “Mission impossible” is right. Great interview.
The Andrew Neil interviews (available to watch, as broadcast, on BBC iPlayer): both prospective Prime Minister’s interviewed by the nation’s finest political interviewer ...
"It will all be over by Christmas", as they said in 1914
All over by Xmas? Sounds familiar. BBC News - Tory leadership: Jeremy Hunt 'expects' Brexit by Christmas