“Liberal democracies have been good for the Jewish people. The trend away from liberal democracies is bad for the Jewish people, period.” My cover essay in this weekend’s Review on the West’s surging new anti-Semitism.
The #VeryFinePeopleHoax lives. WSJ today: “Several American Jewish organizations have repeatedly criticized Mr. Trump’s own remarks, such as saying in 2017 that the anti-Jewish protesters in Charlottesville included ‘very fine people’...”
In Europe and the U.S., rising political forces on both the right and the left have revived old patterns that scapegoat Jews for society’s ills, writes
“Populist politics is not inherently anti-Semitic, conspiracy theories are not inherently anti-Semitic, but both very easily become anti-Semitic.” My Review cover essay on the surge of new anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S.
As the U.S. president declares that American Jews who vote Democrat are likely showing "great disloyalty," reupping 's recent reporting on the West's new wave of anti-Semitism, including from the nativist right.
A thoroughly excellent read from ⁦⁩, with interesting details and quotes. The New Anti-Semitism - WSJ
“The new wave of anti-Semitism is increasingly coming from the nativist far right, with its dreams of racial purity, and from the extreme left, which often identifies Jews with the capitalist elites it seeks to destroy and glorifies Palestinian militants.”
"The trend away from liberal democracies is bad for Jews, period."