"In the polarised, combative political environment of today, we need calm, considered one-on-one discussions more than ever." "Debaters aim to win; letter writers to persuade." introduces with whom Areo is proud to partner.
Let's talk TO rather than ABOUT each other. Go check out . I think you will enjoy it. 💌
Let’s Change the Nature of Public Debate: An Introduction to Letter by
Rediscover the pleasures of writing to each other—with the added convenience of a shareable, digital format, without the gladiatorial atmosphere of Twitter (no chance for third parties to egg you on or derail conversations). Come check out .
In case you missed it, I've written a piece about , the new project I'm involved in, with & . We want to change people's way of talking to each other online. Here's how & why
Since many people are talking about the toxicity of conventional social media right now, may I suggest an alternative? 💌 For
'Let’s Change the Nature of Public Discussion: An Introduction to Letter'
May I suggest you check out ? It's a site where you write letters to each other. You can share them here (or wherever you like) but you get to talk to each other under your real names, without other people derailing the conversation.
Curious about ? We are bringing the old-fashioned skill of letter writing into the digital age. I've written more about our project, here
In case you missed it. Want to have more in-depth, less gladiatorial, kinder and more civil, more personal discussions & feel like someone is really listening to you? Try .
Why I love what we're doing at . 💌
the platform that way. More on