Do you support open inquiry, viewpoint diversity and constructive disagreement in institutions of higher learning? Consider translating that passion into a career with Heterodox Academy! We are currently hiring for a number of positions
Do you know the academic world really well, and want to write about it? is looking to hire a full time Academic communications director. Great pay if you are a great writer. More info here:
Are you a social scientist with expertise in public opinion research who would like to work with to analyze datasets and write up reports? Earn money, add to your CV, and help us help the academy. Apply for "research analyst" position here
Want to work for ? We're hiring for a bunch of positions, in NYC, see here:
Heterodox Academy has some big things in the works, and we're significantly expanding our team in order to realize our ambitions. We hope to fill the positions listed below near or prior to September 2019. More information available here:
Looking for a new position? is hiring: Academic Communications Director Administrative Assistant Event Planner Marketing Manager Memberships Manager Research Project Manager Senior Researcher (Interventions) Senior Researcher (Metrics)
Are you an academically minded communicator with an interest in increasing intellectual diversity in higher ed? has got a job for you!
HxA is hiring. Maybe they should implement diversity quotas to ensure it stays heterodox. Shall we guess 90% of applicants will be left-leaning?