"There will inevitably come a time for choosing: between comfortable quibbles and true heterodoxy, between administrators and professors, between consensus building within the academy and critical conversations about the academy"
It is baffling to me how many people think that "your side shuts down speech too" proves anything other than that there are widespread threats to speech on campus
"The pursuit of truth is impossible...if all disagreement must be forestalled so that all (non-conservative) perspectives feel included...Heterodox Academy and its members may believe this; many of those they are courting do not."—
Had the opportunity to attend the Heterodox Academy conference last month. In the upcoming issue of mag, I offer a few thoughts on it and on HxA — an organization I have much respect for, but fear may soon find itself at a difficult crossroads.
I have some suggestions for participants at the next Heterodox Academy conference to provide a bit more ideological diversity and a bit less orthodoxy about the academy, incl. , others
HxA is attempting to convince people in authority at universities to expand viewpoint diversity+open inquiry,while at the same time trying to ward off the attacks of those who depict it,falsely, as a right-wing front organization trying to destroy academia
Good thoughts from on some of the challenges faces.
Is the Heterdox Academy heterodox enough? on how to reform academia from within