"This emerging academic generation... seems to double-down on the older generation’s worst trait (ideological certainty) while skimping out on its greatest strengths (genuine erudition and intellectual curiosity)."
I was honored to interview screenwriter and producer about his experiences in academia and Hollywood as well as his personal background and how it has influenced his work.
Fabulous, wide-ranging interview between and American screenwriter/producer . Before working in Hollywood, Tost worked in academia, and his assessment of its culture is absolutely scathing
I can count my favorite producers on one hand: the generous, the inclusive, those who are secure enough to understand that allowing me the freedom to create will ultimately give them what they want. Wildly talented is one of them
Check out my interview with about his work in Hollywood as a writer, producer, and showrunner, experiences in academia, views on the state of the humanities, and much more. He has many fascinating insights.
In our discussion, made some fascinating observations about cultural memory. As a leading expert in the psych of nostalgia, I share his concerns. Cultural nostalgia helps connect people across space and time. Check out his full response here.
"I think I’d try to find a way to teach screenwriting to working class students in either a rural or urban setting. I do miss teaching. I’d just love to find a way to bypass as much of the politics of academia as possible"