ICE agents terrorized this New Jersey teenager throughout Sunday night. She knew not to open the door because of the “know your rights” posts on social media.
Every word of this feels like you're reading some darkly absurdist dystopian novel, but it's a real government agency.
NYT provides further context on how "ICE agents must wait for their targets to come outside of their homes voluntarily to arrest them", but use tactics like "carry decoy photos, holding them up to the windows... pretending to be looking for someone else.""
Coordinated U.S. raids targeting undocumented migrant parents and their children began over the weekend. A handful of arrests appear to have taken place, and the raids have been reported in only a few cities.
ICE Launches Low-Key Raids Targeting Migrant Families
This is how it begins, friends.Tyranny takes root when good people do nothing to protect its victims, when they come to regard neighbors as "others" who can be terrorized at will.