“Am I an American only when I act like a slave?” Reflecting deeply and historically on Trump’s go back to your country tirade, I offer my latest .
"Is an American essentially white? I do not know. I do not know if I’m still three-fifths of an American as my ancestors were written into the U.S. Constitution. Or fully American. Or not American at all," writes .
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The current political turmoil is a battle not over concrete policies so much as over status and inclusion. The key question is: "Who gets to think of themselves as a Real American?".
"Maybe I should not live in envy; I should live in struggle. Maybe I should have been asking 'Who controls America?' instead of 'Am I an American?' Because who controls America determines who is an American." -- , via
"This blend of nativism, racism, and nationalism is central to Trumpism, to their worldview," writes . "They view me as, they disregard me as, an illegal alien, like those four progressive congresswomen of color."
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