Former CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill claimed that news outlets like NBC and ABC were “Zionist organizations” that produced “Zionist content,” during a panel at the annual Netroots Nation summit. reports
Presidential candidates , , and spoke at the Netroots summit which featured T-shirts for sale that equated Zionism with racism and sexism.
Ex-CNN commentator at progressive summit: Major news outlets are ‘Zionist orgs’
George Mason University prof Noura Erekat declared ALL of Israel as “occupied” and fantasized about a "project” by Israel's Ashkenazi Jews to avoid “sully[ing] the blood line with becoming dark and oriental” by mixing with Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews"
Presumably these paragons of progressive activism stood up and told there is no place for his anti-Semitism...
So Netroots Nation, the largest annual left-wing conference, featured anti-Semitic pundit Marc Lamont Hill lamenting that NBC & ABC were "zionist orgs" & t-shirts likening Zionism to racism. | Via
Marc Lamont Hill to leading progressive conference: Media like and are “Zionist organizations” that produce “Zionist content”
Read on his trip to netroots nation.