For a look at the terrible working conditions promoted by trump’s nom for secretary of labor, see my doc, “Casino Jack and the United States of Money.” Big section on labor abuses in Saipan.
Kellyanne, Joe Grogan and other WH staffer tried to get Alex Acosta to attack Bernie Sanders over "Medicare 4 All" -- using Department of Labor resources. He refused, citing Hatch Act violations, per and me.
WH conservatives tried to jam dozens of anti-union and socially conservative proposals on Labor Secretary Alex Acosta -- including a mandate that all porn actors wear condoms. Acosta fought them, and they went went to war. Me and
Patrick Pizzella, a longtime free-market evangelist who has fought regulation and organized labor, is set to become the top Trump administration official protecting workers’ rights when he takes over as acting labor secretary
Must read piece about Trump's new acting labor sec'y. R admin's often put anti-labor types in charge of Labor Dept, but this guy's egregious. He's "built a four-decade career...fighting regulation and organized labor."
Pat Pizzella, the incoming labor secretary, played a key role coordinating the conservative opposition to Obama (and specifically Obamacare) in 2009-10
Ever wonder why unions weren't jumping up and down demanding that Acosta resign over the Epstein scandal? Here's why
The incoming labor secretary is a longtime lobbyist and movement conservative who is close to White House conservatives like Mike Pence and Mick Mulvaney. He also helped coordinate the right-wing opposition to Obamacare.
Trump’s New Top Labor Official Is Expected to Advance an Anti-Labor Agenda
A look at your new labor secretary--and your old one. From me and
In a weird instance of off-message programming, outgoing Labor Sec Alex Acosta resisted a White House proposal to require male porn stars to wear condoms. True story!
Can you spell *SWAMP"?