The US should release satellite imagery of the Uighur concentration camps in western China.
The world must stop shrugging at China’s horrific treatment of Uighurs via
US MUST IMPOSE GLOBAL MAGNITSKY SANCTIONS FOR THOSE COMMITTING CULTURAL GENOCIDE IN CHINA. Start with governor Chen Quanguo. ⁦⁩ is 100% correct with his policy prescriptions. ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
Three steps America and the civilized world should take to impose consequences on China for its cultural genocide in East Turkistan.
There’s no reason not to publicize high-resolution photos of China’s Gulag Archipelago in Xinjiang & show how it has expanded in the last three years. Such a policy would help document a crime the Chinese have tried to keep hidden from the world.—
The mounting evidence for China's campaign of cultural annihilation in Xinjiang demands a response via
#CyberDigest | China’s Campaign Against the Uighurs Demands a Response |
Western indifference to China’s campaign of cultural annihilation against the Uighurs is not just cruel, it’s provocative to the communists perpetrating the crime.