DRC rejected experimental vaccine from @J&J despite enormous pressure from the donor community “We have people who don’t want to discuss [their plans] with the government. People who have no respect for ethics... and to create new communications problems”
An aggressive push to use a second experimental Ebola vaccine to try to help stop the outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo may have backfired.
"A very complex environment [during a] very critical outbreak" in DRC has stopped the roll out of a second experimental Ebola vaccine
Debate over whether to test a second #Ebola vaccine turns acrimonious via
Here it is: The Government appears to have accessed e.mails between external actors in the country working on Ebola. If so, this should go to the UN ethics body, with legal censure of all involved.
Only vaccine will continue to be used in #DRC outbreak, as per decision by the Minister of Health. Doses available should be enough if epidemic doesn't worsen dramatically. via
Debate over whether to test a second Ebola vaccine turns acrimonious via
Global health groups were pushing hard to use J&J's experimental #Ebola vaccine to try to help stop the North Kivu outbreak. The health minister felt his ground rules were being ignored. explains why he shut the door on the vaccine.
“How can you, in an environment where people are traveling a lot, where people have no identity card, how can you organize a two-dosage vaccination in rural areas?”
2. On the other side, there have been serious, serious concerns about using this vaccine too close to the outbreak. The former health minister refused to green light use of the J&J vaccine; that position probably contributed to his ouster.