These anti-manspreading chairs are all very well, but surely widespread castration would be more cost-effective?
If women are men's equals, why do they need to design man-shaming furniture? Too meek, ladies, to speak up to male (and female!) space hogs?! Female college student designs (ugly, uncomfortable-looking neo-milkmaid) chair that blocks 'manspreading'
Foucault would complain about this in Discipline and Punish. Behold the new hegemony and its endless drive to force you to conform.
Even couldn’t pull off such a smug look. Ugly chairs that look uncomfortable for both genders wins a national award.
What a silly, spiteful bitch.
“A university student has won a national award for designing a chair that stops men from manspreading.”
Female college student designs chair that blocks 'manspreading' | Daily Mail Online
This onion article is hilarious. Wait, what?