Largest study to date estimating heritability of #autism lands on an estimate of ~80%. "Genetic and Environmental Associations With Autism in a 5-Country Cohort"
A study of over 20,000 individuals diagnosed with ASD estiates heritability at ~80%.
“Based on population data from 5 countries, the heritability of autism spectrum disorder was estimated to be approximately 80%, indicating that variation in occurrence is mostly owing to genetics, with no support for contribution from maternal effects.”
Largest autism multinational cohorts study show genetic heritability approximately 80%. Reconfirming genetic as the major cause!
New multi-country large-scale study from the published in finds that autism is primarily due to genetic, not environmental, causes...
"the variation in autism... occurrence in the population is mostly owing to inherited genetic influences" 5-country population-based study including N=22,156 diagnosed autistic children (up to age 16)
Huge, multi-country study concludes autism spectrum disorder EIGHTY PERCENT heritable
A new paper estimated the heritability of autism to ~ 80% in over 2 million children:
Association of Genetic and Environmental Factors With Autism in a 5-Country Cohort | Autism Spectrum Disorders | JAMA Psychiatry | JAMA Network
Do they mean somatic mutations? I searched the paper for "de novo" and couldn't find anything