A 13-year-old girl hung herself because her dad couldn’t make it across the border. It was his 3rd try; she had lost all hope. w via
This story by my colleagues is devastating. Heydi won asylum but took her life after her father attempted the same three times but was turned away. There’s a much larger story that transcends administrations baked into this one. Please read.
Read this to understand the pain that immigrants face because of prolonged separation from their families. Heydi was just 13-years-old and should still be alive today. My heart goes out to her father, Manuel. This is a loss no parent should endure.
This evening, the family of Heydi Gámez García gathered to say goodbye to her as doctors took her off life support. The family decided to donate her organs.
This is heartbreaking. Look upon the real world impacts of Trump’s border policy. Is there not an ounce of humanity left in the GOP?
“All my dreams are in her heart. All of them are gone with her.” Heartbreak.
A Border Kept Him From His Daughter. Now He’s Here to Say Goodbye.