Yaniv has taken 15 other BC women to the tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia citing discrimination based on gender identity+is seeking financial compensation. Many of the woman are of East Asian ethnicity+have English as their second language.
Another immigrant entrepreneur is bullied out of biz by the vexatious transgender activist, Jessica Yaniv. Yaniv is using a quasi-judicial kangaroo court to coerce vulnerable minority women into fondling Yaniv's nut sack or be financially ruined.
Jessica Yaniv has ruined another life. This is a legitimately and objectively bad person. The bright side? We can now say this person’s name. The publication ban has been lifted. My colleague with the scoop
Ah it's great when publications bans are lifted
Another B.C. woman forced out of business in transgender male-genitalia waxing case
Da Silva claims she refused to perform the procedure on the claimant, Jessica Yaniv, due to safety concerns raised by her husband and alleged harassment on Yaniv’s part and not because of the claimant’s identity.
This👏is👏what👏equality👏looks👏like. Putting people out of business for transphobia. Hell yeah!!
"A mother and business owner was forced to end her Brazilian waxing business after being taken to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax a transgender woman’s male genitalia."
. was the first to break this story
You know the appalling reason the magnificent Meghan Murphy was banned from Twitter ? She called out the behaviour of this predatory individua . Shame on you
Jessica Yaniv is best known for getting Meghan Murphy and Lindsay Shepherd banned from . But this person has terrorized immigrant women and innocent children for a while now. My colleague exposes her for the world to see