"Women warned the media, politicians, activists, and the public about the repercussions of gender identity ideology and legislation, and now that those repercussions are being played out in real time, those warned remain silent."
The brilliant & brave Meghan Murphy on the JY case - and the publication ban has been lifted! It's Jessica Yaniv, , who wants Canadian human-rights law to be used to force unwilling women to wax her testicles, on pain of fines & public shaming
"Oddly, everything we have said is true. And oddly, those responsible are saying nothing." - #MeghanMurphy
Hi friends. Let's talk about the JY tribunal and why it really hits a nerve in me. I deal with my own AGP on a daily basis. It has haunted my existence since I was 13. Being born in the late 70s it was always something I kept thoroughly repressed /1
Women warned you: Yaniv’s human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology via
Be trans. Change your gender. I don’t care. But you can’t make people touch your bits. It’s sexual assault. Women warned you: Yaniv's human rights case is the inevitable result of gender identity ideology
Must-read article by Meghan Murphy on the Yaniv cases, and the dereliction of duty by the mainstream press.
Agreed, Meghan Murphy’s take is my favourite take on the the whole thing (who you’ll recall Yaniv got kicked off of twitter last year)
Here is Meghan Murphy’s article on JY and what is going on with the BC Human Rights Commision with all of this.
Here is Meghan Murphy’s take