I wrote about how America's richest cities are becoming entertainment machines for the childless elite.
"The modern American city is not a microcosm of life but a microslice of it. It’s an Epcot theme park for childless affluence, where the rich can act like kids without having to actually see any."
“Last year, for the first time in four decades, something strange happened in New York City. In a non-recession year, it shrank.”
This great piece also contains some hidden great news: is moving back to DC!
Cities have effectively traded away their children, swapping capital for kids. College graduates descend into cities, emit the fumes of overwork, and bounce to the suburbs by the time their kids are old enough to spell, writes .
There are many reasons New York City's population might be shrinking, but most of them come down to the same unavoidable fact: Raising a family in the city is just too hard.
“It turns out that America’s urban rebirth is missing a key element: births.”
"What’s the matter with a childless city?" writing on ⬆️ of "workism" ⬇️ of kids in big metros . It fuels "underpopulation" which is "a profound econ problem—it’s assoc w/ less dynamism & less productivity—a fiscal catastrophe."